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Do you do the installations yourself?

Yes, Logic Solar have our own CEC accredited electricians to carry out your installation.

What are STC's?

STC’s are Small Scale Technology Certificates and are used as a form of currency they are generated by the installation of green energy systems, the larger the system the more STC’s are created, you may keep them, sell them or sign them over to Logic Solar to reduce the cost of your solar energy system.

Does PV really work?

Yes. The PV modules only require daylight to work, as a result, it will generate energy even on dull and rainy days. Temperature is also a factor when determining how much electricity a PV system will generate. The efficiency of a PV module decreases by a fraction for every degree the temperature is above 25 degrees Celsius. Therefore, a clear chilly day is perfect, because PV modules operate better at cooler temperatures.

What (if any) maintenance is needed for a PV system?

A Solar PV system is silent in operation, has no moving parts and requires minimal maintenance. Most of the time the rain will keep the modules clean. However, a build up of dirt can effect system performance. The degree of soiling will depend on the location but usually dust accumulation and self-cleaning reach a steady state after a few weeks if the array tilt is at least 15 degrees. In extreme cases, dust may cause a power reduction of about 10%. The design of the system should aim to minimize uneven soiling. We recommend annual servicing to maintain optimal efficiency.

Are there grants available for solar?

Government grants have stopped but they offer another incentive in the form of STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificate) these are available to help cover the cost of a PV installation for domestic systems.

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We have conducted thousands of residential and commercial PV Solar installations across QLD and NSW. We have a great team to ensure you are informed every step of the way and are confident you're receiving great advice and service for a great price.

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