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Lower your intake of carbohydrates, most importantly sugars, breads, pastas and starches and eat a higher amount of good fats to keep satiated

For two weeks ignore the conventional dogma and turn the healthy eating pyramid upside down. Just for two short weeks, ignore the guidelines that have made the world fat. Stay away from potatoes, rice, pasta, bread and sugar. Let’s limit the fruits for two weeks, especially fruit juices. Ditch the sugary soft drinks and avoid junk food.

This is going to get your blood sugar in check and lower your insulin. We’re going to put that metabolic bully away for a fortnight so you can start mobilising fat. No hunger, controlled sustained energy throughout the day.

So what to eat? Eat an abundance of meat, fish and poultry. Eggs, butter and green leafy vegetables. Eat when you’re hungry, don’t count calories and watch the weight fall off. What have you got lose? Nothing! Except, maybe some kilos… You have everything to gain, your health, well being and rapid fat loss.

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Lose 5 kg in 2 weeks, no hunger, no counting calories, just beautiful food.
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Foods we should be eating!

I managed to lose an abundance of weight and get into the very best shape of my life eating freely from the foods listed below. Being a well travelled and experienced chef it was so easy to craft beautiful dishes, some simple one pot meals, others, dinner parties fit for royalty, it is my aim to help make the journey into eating and cooking low-carb an exciting one with plenty of innovative ideas, choices and great recipes. Cook beautiful food and manage your health and weight along the way.

When it comes to meat, fish or fowl, you can eat what you want. Try to eat fatty fish wherever possible. Sardines, mackerel, herring are brilliant as is wild salmon. Meat should ideally be pasture fed. Eating all the fat is an absolute must. This is where the real magic comes from. Eat all the skin on the chicken, fat on the lamb and beef. Slow cooked belly pork is something very special. It is important to note, this is NOT a high protein diet, protein should be moderate and we must consume a suitable amount of fat to keep satiated and full of energy.


Our natural fat sources are vitally important. Eat plenty of olive oil on your salad and plenty of butter on all your vegetables. Coconut oil has a high flash point and is a great option for frying foods when necessary. Try a beautiful fragrant curry with plenty of fresh coriander, green chillies and coconut cream to finish it off, nothing could be more satisfying!


All vegetables that grow above ground are fair game. Eat zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, spinach kale, chard, asparagus, radishes, mushrooms, lettuces, cauli, broccoli, capsicums, celery and cabbages. When it comes to other vegetables it is best to consume them in moderation, starchy vegetables like carrots, parsnips and yams can slow or potentially stall weight loss. Eating clean, however, is our primary concern whilst avoiding all out starches, so get to know yourself gradually and see what keeps you losing weight, or more or less at your goal weight, and simply continue to eat REAL food. Simple as that.


Nuts make a great snack and can be really handy to have in the car or the lunch box. A warning though, don’t take the whole bag. They can domino very quickly. A good choice is always pecans and macadamias, these two have the lowest amount of net carbs and can be consumed pretty freely. Nuts are full of great natural healthy fats.


Eggs, the most underrated food! So versatile and make a meal any time of day. Great, simple, go to breakfast or even a beautiful frittata for and evening meal with some salad or veggies. Eat eggs! When selecting dairy, go full fat all the way. The cream with highest fat content you can find, full fat cream cheese as well as full fat Greek yoghurt. The fat is where the nutrition and flavour is. Avoid low fat milk or yoghurts, they have a very high sugar content. Full fat cheeses contain very little carbs and are very high in saturated fat. Select cheese that is not processed.

When it comes to berries, eat these in moderation. They are a good treat however with some cream. Fruit should be considered high carb, and taken with caution, the fibre in the fruit will make it a better choice than drinking fruit juice, but fructose is a sugar, and will raise blood sugar and insulin levels, and too much will slow weight loss, or worse, put weight on. Take caution with fruits.

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I always struggled with my weight, I was tired of being fat! This was quite simply the easiest way I have ever lost weight. 18 kilograms and counting, I am holding off on buying new clothes, because every week I am still losing! Once I learnt what to it, the rest was simple!
Jeremy Watson
This really has been effortless, I am never hungry and never count calories. I simply no what to eat and what to avoid now, I make the right choices and turn those food choices into beautiful food using the recipes I learnt on the simple easy to follow course! Evelyn
I am so glad I found an easy way to manage my weight. I feel so much happier and confident now. The course also allows me to a cheat meal once a week which I really look forward to. Other than that It has been so easy and the food choices are so tasty that mum makes.